Line Removal Blackout

There are a number of ways to remove unwanted road markings, permanently and temporarily.

We use standard processes covered by the NZRF Line Removal Guide which is formally endorsed by the NZTA

The usual method is to use high pressure water blasting.

A critical factor in line removal is to ensure that the line removal method(s) must not adversely affect or compromise the integrity of the pavement surface.

The alternative is to apply a permanent overlay as designated in the NZRF guide.

For permanent line removal we can overlay various colours of Cold Applied Plastic (CAP) to cover the unwanted line.. This technique eliminates “ghost lines” that may occur from other forms of line removal and is fully driveable in 40 minutes following application. The surface texture and colour can be matched by using different aggregates to suit individual requirements.

This removal method has been used worldwide for over 30 years and is the most popular method as it has proven performance for long life, anti-skid properties, and colour retention. Like all of our ‘Cold Applied Plastic’ applications it is skid-resistant, flexible and can be applied to numerous surfaces.

Click here for the OPUS Report showing CAP performance after 18 million vehicle passes.

For temporary line removal we are approved applicators of 3M Black out tape. The tape is skid resistant, durable with easy application and removal.

Click here for a detailed information sheet on these techniques.

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Applying the Blackout Line Marking Paint      The final result.

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